When your furnace is working correctly, it should give heat without creating too much noise. While it’s expected to notice your furnace making noise as it turns on, other noises are signaling your furnace needs immediate professional help.

Here are some of the most frequent furnace noises and what they could be indicating. If your furnace is making a strange noise, our friendly heating professionals are here to fix the problem with the best furnace repair in Justin, Texas.

1. Furnace Makes a Banging Sound

You might have an urgent situation on your hands if you’re hearing your furnace making a banging noise. If your furnace is making a knocking noise, it can signal there could be a couple of problems. These involve gas building up in your furnace or a ductwork situation.

Banging Sounds Coming from Your Furnace

Your heating system turns filthy over time, so that’s why it’s critical to schedule seasonal furnace maintenance with Pepper AC & Heat. One of the things our techs perform during this appointment is clean your furnace’s burners. When this piece gets dirty, you may hear your furnace making a loud rumbling noise when ignition is delayed. The resulting gas buildup may break your furnace’s heat exchanger, where natural gas turns into warmth. Any breaks in it can discharge carbon monoxide, which is regularly vented outside. This hazardous gas can be fatal in large concentrations.

If you’re aware of banging or knocking sounds coming from your furnace, Pepper AC & Heat advises turning it off and calling us at 940-202-1184. Significant natural gas in your furnace or a broken heat exchanger are critical problems that require immediate service.

Banging Sounds Coming from Your Ductwork

Your furnace works with ductwork to deliver hot air across your house. If the ductwork wasn’t put in correctly or is getting dated, it can be loud when your furnace is heating. This can be the case if your furnace makes a banging noise when it shuts off. Contact Pepper AC & Heat at 940-202-1184 and we’ll pinpoint the problem.

2. Furnace Making a Buzzing Noise

If you hear your furnace making a buzzing noise, don’t delay calling us. A buzzing sound usually means there’s an electrical situation, like with its transformer, blower motor or capacitor.

Your furnace uses an internal transformer to operate on the correct voltage. If wires or the box needs to be tightened, you might notice a low humming noise in the furnace when off. Your furnace also uses a blower motor, which distributes heated or chilly air around your home, and a capacitor, which starts the motor. If either of these pieces are failing, they will buzz when the furnace switches on.

3. Furnace Makes Rattling Sounds Like Something Is Loose

If your furnace is making a rattling noise, it may be related to something minor, like an unsecure screw, or something critical, like a broken piece. In either case, we urge you to shut your furnace off and contacting our heating specialists at 940-202-1184 for assistance.

4. Furnace Is Making a High-Pitched Squealing Sound

If your furnace makes a high-pitched noise, like squealing, when it’s running, it’s trying to get your attention it needs some TLC. If you’ve forgotten furnace maintenance the past few years, belts could be worn down or a bearing could need to be lubed. We know that maintenance frequently slips your mind, but our pros can get your furnace running quietly again fast.

5. Furnace Whistles

When you’re hearing your furnace making a whistling noise, it’s typically the result of an air leak in your ductwork. You may also be aware of whistling while the furnace is running if a floor vent is loose. If you’ve looked at your vents but are still sensing whistling, Pepper AC & Heat can provide support. It’s critical to get loose ductwork taken care of without delay, as it can make comfort troubles in your house and increase your energy expenses.

6. Furnace Makes Noise that Sounds Like Scraping Metal

It’s not a good sign if you detect your furnace making a grinding noise. This metal-on-metal noise frequently means there’s trouble with your furnace’s blower. Switch off your furnace off right away and contact our professionals at 940-202-1184 for assistance.

When you’re getting a strange noise from your furnace, Pepper AC & Heat is available to provide assistance. Contact us at 940-202-1184 to book your furnace repair appointment right away.